The Trauma Resilience Initiative

Treatment:  In partnership with community health organizations, our Trauma Resilience Initiative connects best practice trauma clinicians with underserved populations lacking the resources to access appropriate support and treatment.  This initiative facilitates and funds participants to receive at least 6 months of individual treatment involving weekly sessions of regular therapy, individualized to support their personal development of resilience and regulation.  The initiative is focused on creating the following impact and outcomes:
  1. Build self-confidence and a sense of agency by focusing on the natural healing capacity every individual possesses, even those who have lived through trauma and adverse experiences.
  2. Increase resilience in individuals and in communities by enriching these natural healing capabilities and providing tools and skills to overcome challenges.
  3. Decrease the transmission of trauma and perpetuation of adverse experiences from one generation to the next by alleviating the debilitating effects of trauma on individuals who might not even know their symptoms are trauma related.
  4. Help individuals and communities understand that health is not only about treating symptoms, it is also about encouraging and supporting human flourishing.
  5. Empower individuals to thrive in their own lives and support the physical, emotion, social and spiritual well-being of their families and communities.
Training:  We sponsor workshops and trainings led by the leading thought leaders and trainers in the field designed to help support social service professionals develop the skills, tools and resources to build resilience and support the healing of individuals struggling with chronic symptoms resulting from unresolved trauma.
Clinician Scholarship Program:  We offer full and partial scholarships for qualified underresourced clinicians of color to receive advanced trauma training.
Research:  In partnership with several academic and clinical institutions, The Trauma Foundation leads and supports evidence-based research focused on collecting both quantitative and qualitative data to measure the impact and efficacy of innovative therapies and modalities developed to support trauma healing.
The Trauma Foundation recently launched a pilot initiative using an integrative approach to trauma treatment that connected best practice trauma clinicians with underserved populations lacking the resources to access appropriate support and treatment.  Our white paper detailing the findings and implications from the pilot is available here:
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